The New Monoski


Photos of the new rig after the jump

So it’s finally done. After starting work on this monoski back in August, it’s  amazing to finally see the finished product. I gotta admit, I was going to post these yesterday, but was a little nervous about how well it would work on the snow and didn’t want to count my chickens too early. Below are some photos I took comparing this new rig to the old one so you can see the difference in terms of design and durability.

And as a bit of a key – every little band of silver that you see around the top part of my old frame is from having to weld old breaks.

_KMC1430And here’s the new one. Can you say upgrade?


Here’s a dead-on comparison of the frame.


Old one


New one


Old one


New one

I had my first ride on this machine yesterday, and I gotta say… it’s pretty incredible. The balance and response of the machine is such a dramatic improvement over the old rig that was left almost speechless for the first few runs. There’s still work to do – we want to recalibrate the shock and lighten the frame a little – but this is a hell of a first step.

I’m going to be working on a photo shoot for Outside Magazine over the next couple of days, and so hopefully I’ll have some shots of this thing in action before too long. Check back!

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