The Korean Edition!

This is definitely the coolest present I’ve ever received from a fan. A gal named JuJu contacted me on facebook a couple of weeks ago from South Korea after having read my book. Having not yet seen the final published product, I was surprised to hear that I even had a fan on the other side of the world – much less one reading my book in a different language. After a bit of pleading and begging, JuJu was generous enough to send me a copy of the book  to look at, and it’s been a very surreal experience flipping through the pages of a very different version of my work. Seeing some of the definitions they had to provide for some of my more colloquial words (think “dirtbag” or “49er’s), I have to wonder how the book as a whole came across in the translation.

Also, if you would like a Korean copy of your own, look no further!

More photos to check out after the jump…

Seeing my bio in a foreign language did make me go all warm and fuzzy inside...

Title page

Table of contents. Notice the boy from the cover...

I really want to know how "dirtbag" was defined...

Chapter openers in full color

Chapter openers in full color

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  • Marco Manrique

    that's a pretty cool version. i dare to say better looking than the american one. wish i could read it in korean. just ordered mine as my own xmas present. 🙂
    can't wait to read it.