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Doctor's Orders

So for those who were tuning in last weekend, some of you may have noticed my absence.While I was in Aspen, and registered for X Games, I spent most of the weekend on an I.V. rather than snow. After battling with a bout of flu/food-poisoning (after a while the symptoms were pretty similar) for a couple days, I realized it was a far smarter move to take care of my health and head to a hospital than try and race. The above photo is actually from my discharge papers as Aspen Hospital. Orders that specific are tough to ignore... While I was bummed not to compete, it was great seeing some new blood winning some medals. However - I do have a little bit of ski footage to show you. ESPN filmed a feature on some of the new things that I was working on. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to embed the video. So if you're feeling motivated - click anywhere in this sentence and scroll about halfway down. Can't miss my bearded mug.
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  • Ivor Wood

    Well, Kevin .. I have just read “Double Take” in a couple of nights .. thanks for your insights and sharing .. I really appreciated your honesty and chirpy humour .. will follow your website from now on .. you are a FUN guy to have around …

    Love that beard .. very distinguished indeed!

    Ivor (Coventry, England)

  • Kevin

    Thank you, sire!

  • Bingofive1504

    hye kevin..i just read about you in website..nice beard..haha..i also wll follow your website..

    mohd izzat ibrahim (selangor,malaysia)
    p/s-u have been to my country..yeah!!

  • Jack Lu

    Take care of your heath. I love you Kevin.
    Jake Lu.

  • Emily

    Great blog. I live in Bozeman–read your book as part of the One-Book-One-Bozeman last year and heard you speak at Freshman convocation.  I wanted to share with you that I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  What an inspiration.  I saw you at Smith's yesterday but was too chicken to tell you in person. lol I checked out in front of you –hope this doesn't sound overly stalkerish.

  • KevinConnolly

    hahahaah – not at all, and I'm so sorry to have taken so long to respond! Feel free to say hello next time!

  • Han

    Hi KevinConnolly
    I read your book and seen your photos.
    I love you, If you have free, I want to invite to Visit Viet Nam, my country.
    Please send to my email.
    [email protected]:disqus .com
    Welcome to Viet Nam

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much, Han! Your email address failed on me, so could please send a message to mine? My address is [email protected]

  • Emily

    haha you got it!

  • Sam

    hey Kevin Connolly im doing a project on you for school, could you tell me what your current adress and residence are well maybe not adress but if you could id really apreciate it

  • Kevin

    Hi Sam. I currently live on the north side of town in Bozeman, Montana. Good luck on your report!