I Guess I Owe You an Apology

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry to have been away for so long. I know, I should have written or rang earlier - but the truth is I needed some space these past few months. In the beginning - way back when I started you - things were fantastic. You had so many new sites to show me, and so many new friends to introduce me to. But I have to admit, after a while, you became a bit overbearing. When I was wanting to work, or spend time with my old friends - Books and People - you were always there, quietly asking for my attention. I tried to make it work, but I can't fake things very well. So that combined with being a coward explains why I simply left you - unexplained and unattended - for so long. I haven't been idle during this absence, though, and I have a lot to share with you over the coming weeks and months. We'll have to start slow, but hopefully we can get things back on track. Like any relationship, I'm sure we'll still have our peaks and valleys, but I think there's still a possibility for a bright future together.



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