10.26.08 – Sitting (finally)

Two boys perform a song-and-dance routine in Soweto, South Africa. This image was taken in July during filming for a documentary entitled, "Quest for Excellence."

Two boys perform a song-and-dance routine in Soweto, South Africa. This image was taken in July during filming for a documentary entitled, "Quest for Excellence."

Two Upcoming Shows:

11/3 - Washington State University @ 7 PM in the Compton Union Art Gallery and Auditorium

11/18 - The Pelopidas Museum in Cancun, Mexico @ 7 PM

Hit the jump for a more detailed update on what writing a book is like, my travel schedule, and some other ramblings about the site.

Okay, so I’ve attained what I think to be a reasonable schedule for updating this blog: about once per week. Granted, that sort of rate isn’t incredibly prolific, but considering I’m working on a book, it’s tough trying to find extra time at the end of the day to write even more. However, each week I’ll put a photo up (like the example shown above) to provide a bit of eye-candy for an otherwise sterile wall of text.

A couple of friends and family members have asked what writing a book is like. As I’m only at the beginning, here’s what I have to say about the experience, thusfar:

It’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain at night. You know the mountain is big, but you don’t know how big or where the easiest trail is located. So you end up bush-whacking because you know you have to get up the bastard and sooner or later you’re bound to stumble on a route that will put you at the peak. So that’s where I’m at. Bush-whackin’.

When I got back in Helena, MT this week and proceeded to spend about four days doing absolutely nothing. I sat in front of the keyboard everyday, but couldn’t do much more than organize my existing writing and make graphs and diagrams about what I was going to write about. It’s the lowest form of procrastination that one can undertake when writing or embarking on any project or journey that might be a bit scary at first. The sort of procrastination that yields fifteen Word documents with only about fifty actual words on each.

I think that I needed some rest though. The past few months have been more than a bit crazy and it’s been nice to just sit at my parents’ home and do nothing but write (which, in case my editor is reading, has become MUCH more prolific) and occasionally show my face to the sun.

Travel schedule:

July 6th: Helena, Montana to Toronto, Canada

July 15th: Toronto, Canada to Johannesburg, South Africa

July 20th: Johannesburg, South Africa to Christchurch, New Zealand

August 20th: Christchurch, New Zealand to Beijing, China

August 25th: Beijing, China to Liverpool, England

September 8th: Liverpool to London, England

September 10th: London, England to New York City, USA

September 13th: New York City, New York to Madison, Connecticut

October 1st: Hartford, Connecticut to Fort Collins, Florida

October 3rd: Fort Collins, Florida to Bozeman, Montana

October 6th: Bozeman, Montana to Atlanta, Georgia

October 8th: Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California

October 13th: Los Angeles, California to Detroit, Michigan

October 15th: Detroit, Michigan to Helena, Montana

None of this travel includes layovers or one-day trips. Next weekend, I travel to Washington State University for another artist’s talk and gallery show. Then its two more weeks of writing followed by five days in Mexico for one more gallery show before I finish this crazy four months. No complaints – as its all been pertaining to photography or film work, which is fantastic. The only thing is that after a while, living out of the same backpack day-in and day-out gets a bit old. Waking up, making a pot of coffee, reading a bit, and then writing has really comprised some of the best times I’ve had in the past month or two.

So here’s the plan for the coming weeks and months. I’m going to begin updating my galleries on this site including:

School portraits taken of children in Soweto; a daycare outside of Johannesburg, portraits of IPAFA artists (I’ll explain more when that post comes as it’s a project unto itself); as well as maybe a bit more artsy landscape Montana shots. It’s funny, I split my time between Montana and New Zealand, yet I haven’t ever bothered to take a landscape shot. Bloody ungrateful. That’s me.


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