10.11.08 – Meeting “The Agents”

So here I am, sitting in L.A. with my friends Andrew and Meagan. Two Montana State University film kids who had a floor that I could sleep on. Main reason for being here: actually meeting the agents - literary and speaking - who represent me. I was sent an email by Caroline Greeven in March about the possibility of putting together a book proposal, and after a month of phone and email tag, I signed with her and Marc Gerald under the Agency Group. Along with the early discussions about working together, I was able to meet Andy Roth who is in charge of the Agency's speaker's bureau. Months passed, and now here I am finally getting to meet them for the first time. Here they are: Andy, Erica, Samantha, and Caroline. It's rough and short, but here are the folks that keep me eatin'. Andy, Erica, and Samantha have helped to secure a short tour over this Fall to speak about The Rolling Exhibition. While gallery shows have been nice, I've felt that opportunity to present and discuss the ideas behind the photo series with an audience has been much more rewarding. Ostensibly, anyone could have been the subject of photo series and its through speaking and putting myself on stage that I hope to keep the tone and feel of the work as populist as possible. I only have two remaining dates for this Fall. The next appearance will be happening on October 14th at Eastern Michigan University. The presentation will last about ninety minutes and will feature a number of the photographs from The Rolling Exhibition; a discussion of the artist statement and themes surrounding the work; and finally, a Q & A. The next show will be on November 3rd at Washington State University. Not only will it include a similar presentation, but will also have about 20 of my prints on display. It's always excited to get to see your prints on a wall, but with the repeated aesthetics of The Rolling Exhibition (all shot from the same angle and focal length), it becomes a more powerful series by virtue of seeing everyone side-by-side. If anyone happens to be at WSU next month I would ask one thing. Take about six steps back from the photos and look at the show from a distance. The chance to see 20 people from around the world all exhibiting their curiosity in the same way is truly beautiful. Caroline - through some very generous guidance, helped to nurse me through the creation of a book proposal as well as help to lock-in a book deal with Harper Studio that finalized about two weeks ago. That's right! A book! Tentatively titled: "Double Take," its going to cover The Rolling Exhibition, my travels, and ultimately...me. "Memoir" is a word that has been bandied about quite a lot over the past few weeks in relation to the book. To be honest, that word doesn't sit well with me but I think that will have to wait for another post. I would highly recommend checking out the Harper Studio website at www.26thstory.com . I'm going to try and be a bit more prolific about this blog, and will hopefully be pushing out an entry every couple of days. Next post I'll be introducing the folks at Harper Studio and talking about wading into the dark waters of an unwritten book. Until then - hope some of you reading can mark down the two upcoming shows in your calendar! -kev
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