1.24.09 – Soweto School Portraits

Soweto School Portrait - 16

A young boy in Soweto, South Africa on his way home from school.

One of the best parts of being a traveling photographer is getting to interact with kids in so many different countries. This short series was taken in Soweto in late July. As three o’clock rolled round and the kids began their trek back home from school, I found myself in their midst – surrounded by some territorial first graders. Once order was restored, and they saw that my spot on their turf was temporary, they were keen to get their portrait taken. With a mix of kids, the bigger ones were pushing their way to the front to try and be closest to the camera. Pulling out the inner drill seargant, I barked the rules.
“Hey! You all can get you’re pictures taken, but you have to line up and go one at a time. Otherwise I won’t do it.”
That wised them up and everyone got their fair shot. Hope you dig.
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  • sally

    These are awesome, man. Awesome

  • Laura Kaddis

    Aw, they’re just hamming it up. Awesome project. I hope my photography takes me to such cool places.

  • Marsha Katz

    What beautiful children…..they sparkle from the inside out. There is a light and an earnestness that just seems to shine through. There is also a casual elegance to them. What amazing adventures you have on this roll through life!

  • http://YahooNews Charles “Chuck” McDaniel

    I read about you on the web and was intrigued by your experiment on society using only yourself and a camera. The Rolling Exhibit images are utterly amazing, eyeopening and yet completely non confrontational. You have caught common man off balance resulting in honest “first look” reactions. These pictures say a great deal about the human nature of man and his ability to emote.

  • Mom

    Hey Kev – I’m getting a blue screen on this link. the first photo shows up fine, but the second is just a blue screen with the tag lines underneath. 🙂

  • Kevin

    respect for these picture’s.
    thats all i got to say

  • Kalle

    Hi there! Your work is amazing and I just thought you should know. I am working towards my masters in art education and I am currently taking a class based on teaching students with diverse needs and I ran across some of your photos and your name on the VSA website! Truely incredible! Keep up your amazing work! : )

    [email protected]

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1006674518&ref=profile Joe Bravo

    Great pictures dude. The kids are full of life, and one can tell, by the expressions in their wonderful faces that they aren’t judging nor they have any type of preconception towards you. That’s the amazing thing of children.

  • Gabriel Cristobal

    Very inspirational!

    Naturally I passed on to my High School alumni egroup the link to your site.

    Quite understandably the angle of lens vision made onlookers look like gawkers.
    But as you said, it’s just natural curiosity.

    Hats off to you!!!

  • http://myspace.com/briannaduncan Brianna Duncan

    These are moving..

  • http://none Myra Hunter

    Couldn’t see any pics here… darn it! I love your work. Kudos. WTG.

  • Wfath

    Hey, these are great! I was wondering if you've made it to Africa…and am glad you have. I am just in the midst of reading your book and finding it just an amazing insight into a very bright, empowered young man. I love that your book celebrates your ability. I was also watching some of your video footage and thing it is very cool how your own adaptations–skateboard and monoski–have given you so much mobility. I'm going to be talking about you in my classes at school, for sure! (I teach in Lesotho, Africa.) — Wendy —

  • Wfath

    Great shot!