Reading the Audiobook

The recording booth at a local place in Bozeman, Jereco Studios.

The recording booth at a local place in Bozeman, Jereco Studios.

So on Monday I began the three-day task of reading the manuscript for my audiobook, which should be coming in the second week of October to coincide with the general book's launch.Just like nearly everything else in this process, it was my first time ever doing a read I was pretty apprehensive on Sunday night.  That night before the read, I sat behind my computer with headphones on, flicking between two different (and very well read) audiobooks. The first - Barack Obama's, Dreams of My Father was read incredibly well, but had a tone that was more solemn than I could treat my material with. Plus, there might be something a little presumptuous with trying to copy the President's speaking cadences just because you haven't developed any good ones of your own. The professional reader (Patrick Lawler) for my second book, Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortensen, was much easier on the ears than Obama and so I tried to imitate his more laid back - but still fairly dynamic style. I don't know if you reading this dig audio books, but at the very least I can promise you the following if you buy one: 1.) I get to say "cornucopia of male genitalia" out loud, which is honestly one of the most entertaining phrases out there to say. 2.) I try to impersonate an the notifying sound for an instant messaging service 3.) I try (poorly) to imitate the sound of the shutter click on my camera 4.) I get to impersonate a fictitious - and quite pompous - ski instructor named, "Hans." 5.) And finally, I get to impersonate my indignant father at a couple of points early on in the text. There's something childishly fun about getting to shout curse words in a studio booth... SO! If you would like to see me crash and burn trying to make my voice do the things listed above, then you should definitely check out the audio book. Aside from that, everything has been going quite well, if not incredibly slow. I've been spending a ton of time trying go out and enjoying the dregs of Summer in Montana while prepping for the chaos that will be the book launch. I'll be throwing a post in here later this week about some new camera gear I just purchased and what it means about my next project... Oh! And feel free to leave any extra comments or questions. I'll do my best to get to all of them, and if you don't get a personal response from me, feel free to throw some big, nasty e-rock my way.
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  • ALW

    Sounds Cool! Looking forward to it

  • Adeline Lord

    Proud of you, Kevin. Can’t wait to read the book! I hope you have enjoyed the process.

  • oh, rebecca

    Hi Kevin! I got an ARC at my bookstore and all but devoured it in one night. You are an amazing guy. I have a love/hate relationship with memoirs and their ilk, as everyone and their mother’s brother’s babysitter writes one these days, but yours was the right mesh of a) a real story b) humor c) insight and d) great writing. It’s a fine balance!

    Good luck in all you do, and thanks from this lowly bookseller for the opportunity to read your story!

  • norway_girl

    I too have just finished reading the advanced copy from my position of bookseller (part-time…I also teach) and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I have what I believe to be three very successful children, The oldest, an Eagle scout is my environmentalist. He overcame dyslexia to graduate with a degree in Geography from Rutgers University and now travels both on and off the job both in the United states and globally to understand how we are doing keeping our water safe. He has been north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, near the Equator in Togo West Africa, and also visited 4 ecosystems in Ecuador South America. He did this all supporting himself working for a non profit organization. I thought doing this by 27 was a terrific accomplishment when many of my friends children are still living at home and working to party. I bow in deference to you and your parents. You have a wonderful gift and I congratulate you on being able to express it as beautifully as you have here in this work. You peeled away the layers of “perception” and awareness better than any psychologist ever could. .I loved the book and look forward to passing it around and getting the word out that this is a MUST READ. I hope someday to read more from you, and perhaps see an exhibit of your work . Please forward this to your remarkable family. Keep busy and safe.

  • patriciawhitney


    Don and I attended your show in Helena @ Helena Middle School a couple years back. You know our son Kyle Whitney through your wonderful cousin Laine. The show and photo's were truly amazing and humbling. Your humor has no bounds and your zest for life was evident while you were speaking We both walked away in silence and the experience truly gave us time to reflect about life in general. I could have listened to you for hours. To continue my admiration and laughter I will be anxiously awaiting for your Audio to hit the stores. I understand a book is also in the making.

    You are a breath of fresh air and I commend you and your family for all you have done and continue to do for humanity. Good Luck, Best wishes and God Speed.

    Thank You

    The Whitney Family

  • Kevin

    Hi Patricia!

    First off, thank you for the wonderful compliments on the Helena show! That was a pretty special night, and probably one of the few times I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the size of a crowd. It was truly a pleasure to speak that night. The audio that I was reading in the last blog entry was simply a reading of the book, Double Take, that I finished. It’s coming out October 13th, and you can find out more about it on my site or here: . I’m really trying to lock in a date at the Montana Book Company this October, so I’ll post a big blog entry in the next week about my Montana schedule this fall.


  • cherstone

    Hi Kevin,
    Just this morning I received an advance read copy of your book…and before I even cracked it open, I was taken by what I read on the back cover and had to go to your Web site(s). I can't wait to read your story and I hope to get my two sons to read it as well, in particular my 18 year old who struggles with other disabilities and is at a crossroads of his life and scared to death about his future. Anyways, congratulations on all of your accomplishments and good luck with the book launch!

  • Toclafane

    It sounds like an awesome project. I've always wondered what it must be like to record your own memoir. Thanks for answering my question on SA, I will definitely be buying the book.