Montana Tour!

Last wrestling match of the summer at the Dearborn River, MT.

Last wrestling match of the summer at the Dearborn River, MT.

Howdy all - I know news has been lacking, especially considering that I've finally cracked the one month mark until Double Take's publication. Well, one of the biggest things I've been trying to do is organize some readings and personal appearances. Well, I'm happy to say that we have our first batch of dates in. This is exactly what came off of the email from Sarah Burningham over at
Little Bird Publicity, so after reading the details below, you'll know as much about my schedule as I do. BOZEMAN - COUNTRY BOOKSHELF Event Date: 10/27/09 Time: 7 PM Location: Country Bookshelf Address: 28 West Main, Bozeman, Montana 59715 HELENA - MONTANA BOOK CO. Event Date: 10/28/09 Time: 7 PM Bookstore: Montana Book Co. (possibly partnering with Public Library for event space) Address: 331 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601 EVENT LOCATION: More details tk but the event is confirmed. Address: TK MISSOULA - FACT & FICTION (downtown store) Event Date: 10/29/09 Time: 7 PM Location: Fact & Fiction, Downtown Store Address: 220 N. Higgins, Missoula, Montana 59802 More national dates will be posted up in within the week, so keep checking back!
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  • maureenconnollydoddy

    Hi Kevin:

    I am one of your many cousins in NY. I am Maureen Connolly and I am Uncle Tommy's daughter. I haven't seen you in a few years but use to see you pretty much every summer when your family would come into see your grandparents in Ct. I have followed you from afar over the years and have kept my kids (Caitlin 17, Jack 15) up to date on all your successes. They are amazed by you, as they should be. Keep up the good work and I wish you much joy and success in your ventures. If I had the money I would purchase the movie rights to your book. Oh and by the way, we have all preordered your book. So, it pays to have a big family sometimes! (Your Dad has 22 first cousins on Poppy's side alone) Say hi to your Mom and Dad and your sisters. Maureen Connolly Doddy Pleasantville NY 10570 [email protected]

  • Deborah Horn

    Hey, Kevin! Get out of your comfort zone! (GRIN)
    I know you love Montana, but there are 49 other states that you could tour.
    Starting with St. Louis, MO, of course.
    Seriously, I've been passing the ARC of Double Take to all my booksellers. We want you in our store.

  • Ben Huang

    Hello, Kevin.
    I'm a senior high school student from southern China. And I sent you an e-mail 2 or 3 weeks ago. Did you see it? And, well, there's my e-mail address. Would you please check it out ? Thank you very much!
    Ben Huang

  • Kevin

    Hi Ben!

    I just looked through my email box, and it looks like somehow your email missed arriving in my box. I’m sorry for not getting back in touch with you, and will also forward this to the email you listed – ([email protected]com).


  • Rachel Bateman

    Hey Kevin;

    To be honest, I don't really know anything about you or your writing (sorry!). But I am always up for supporting a fellow writer, so I will see you at the Country Bookshelf on the 27th!


  • Kevin

    Hey Rachel –

    Well thanks for the support! Yeah, definitely give me a shout on the 27th. I look forward to seeing ya there!


  • Gail Lancaster

    Hi Kevin–
    I'm one of the hundreds that you met at PNBA in Portland Oregon, though I also had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to you at the Friday evening dinner (well, at least the booksellers got to eat…AND hear about your phenomenal book).
    I notice that you're making a college tour through Montana. Any possibility you'll be swinging through Eastern Washington any time soon? I work at Gonzaga University in Spokane and have been showing the ARC of your book to some of our students, especially some of our 'boarders' (I hope I get it back soon, so I can finish reading it!). . Some of them caught you on the X-games, and I located and have shown the 20/20 clip to others.
    I seem to remember you saying something about having lived in Spokane? We'd love the opportunity to host you for a Spokane reading!

  • Kevin

    Hi Gail –

    Thanks for the compliments on the book! It was awesome getting to hang out at the PNBA and probably the closest I’ve ever been to speed-dating. I am making a bookstore tour through MT at the end of October and will be also touring at some colleges out east. I’m always up for trying to get a reading somewhere, so let me forward your message along to the powers that be and we’ll see what we can do!

  • naturegirl39

    Hasn't the event in Helena moved from the Montana Book Co to Staggering Ox?