It’s a Book!!!

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And I swear it's not as creepy as my photo might indicate...

Well, that's it. It's finished. I just received my first box of hardcovers, and I have to say that they look pretty great. I have to send out a big thanks to everyone at Harper Studio for all of the hard work they put into making this book as beautiful as it could possibly be. More than that, they allowed me to actively participate in the design process of the book. I can honestly say that cover to cover, I got to see/approve pretty much every visual element of the book which is a rare luxury for any author - much less a greenhorn.

I'm heading off to NYC this afternoon for the book launch next week. We have some pretty cool (and funny!) stuff in the works that will be coming out in the next few days. So keep checking back! In the meantime, if you want to see anything else, head over to my book's page on HarperStudio -

Also, these photos were taken around 7:30 AM, so please excuse the fact that I look a little crazed.

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book_photo (1 of 1)

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  • Linda McMaken

    Just blew here from a Twitter at HarperStudio. Wow, you rock. Congrats on the pub and I hope it goes viral and bestseller for you.

  • GreaterFalls

    Crazed? You look almost Gilbert Gottfried-like in the top picture! Hey – congrats on the book!

  • MarshaKatz

    Any dates yet for book tour…especially in Montana? My copies are in the mail and I can't wait until they arrive. Would love to get them signed!

  • Holly_RS

    Wounded Vigilante… one of my favourite chapters!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly_RS

    Wounded Vigilante… one of my favourite chapters!!!!!!!!!!