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Howdy –

So good news! One of the largest independent book selling communities – IndieBound – has selected Double Take for their “Indie Next” list. The selection is a major stamp of approval from independent book stores and means Double Take will be prominently displayed in independent book stores around the country for December. It will also be featured in online newsletters and other press. So if anyone gets sick of seeing my face or book floating around a bit too often, feel free to drop off a disparaging line below – I could probably do for some humbling comments!

For me – small, independent bookstores have always been a good place to find some quiet (and a present or two) while on the road, so it’s a huge honor to be recognized by such a community. If you have some time, actually, you should go check out IndieBound’s website. Here’s what they’re about:

IndieBound is a community-oriented movement begun by the independent bookseller members of American Booksellers Association.

It brings together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances, and anyone else with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive.

Supporting local, indie businesses means that dollars, jobs, diversity, choice, and taxes stay local, creating strong, unique communities and happy citizens.

I don’t think anyone out there can object to a mission statement like that. So go check them out, whether that’s clicking a link or (gosh) walking into a brick-and-mortar indie book-slinger.

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