Time to Vote on a Name (and possibly win a copy of Double Take)!

You too, could look dashing in our upcoming Spring line!

Well first off, thanks to everyone for their participation. Over the past few days of trying to think of a name for these bouncy-leg things (on the issue of fairness, I'm not settling on anything yet). Not only did I get a whole host of names for the B.L.T's, but also for my butt shoe as well. So I'm going to need some help. Below is the list and I'm going to need some votes for what name works best. Begin! L Springs Comfort Cruiser Tigger Tails Metal Peds Connollegs (clever!) Bound-a-Round Springy Flingers The Mantis The Centaur (this one and the "The Mantis" are totally badass. Bravo) Mission Possible Pro-Springs Sprint Widgets Connolly Bouncers All-Terrain Tibias Robolegs Jumping Jacks Terra Trotters Rough Steppers Rough Gliders Kangaroo Legs Mobility Legs Mobility Walkers Dummy Jumper BodPod Keminolly Legs Universal Rebounders GorillaPeds GorillaFly And because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want, I'm officially entering "B.L.T." to the list. I like the officiousness of an acronym without any real substance behind it. Generally, I think it would be best to stick with something simple. I'm thinking three syllables or less. So for those that have been helping out, now's the time to put in a vote! The person who thought of the original moniker will get a signed copy of Double Take mailed over to them. You can leave a comment on here, or head over to my facebook page, where I'll be a bit more involved with chatting back and forth. I'll post the results in a week. And as a funny addendum, here's the list for my butt shoe. The Keister The Tushy Butt Planter Tush Cushion The CheekĀ  Seat The Butt Condo Asscap Zapaton I'm officially referring to my shoe now only as the "Butt Condo." Makes me think it's a bit more roomy in there than it is...
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  • Marjorie Smith

    Kevin: At first glance, I vote for Connollegs. It will give a warm, positive feeling to anyone who has ever met you or read your book or seen your exhibition and for folks who need them and haven't heard about you, the name would refer them to you and your story which has got to be inspirational. Best of luck on this project!

  • Bridget Ashcraft

    I vote for Connollegs also.

  • http://twitter.com/CaperWheelLady CaperWheelLady

    Hi Kevin, thought I would mention that I just noticed earlier today while visiting your Facebook page, that someone else also submitted the name Connollegs….When I submitted Connollegs in your other blog post on here a night or so ago, I had no idea that someone had already submitted that name as well on Facebook. My apologies.

  • Kelly M

    Connollegs work, but if I could put in another choice, I'd go with “Cheetah Arms”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34000310 Katherine Liljegren

    A late entry – call it Tigger.

    Exhibit A: “Bouncing is what Tiggers do best.”
    Exhibit B: “The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is that I'm the only one!”

    Works on so many levels.