The Top Five

I know - I need to crank out another render...

So in no particular order, here are the final five to vote on.
  1. Connolegs
  2. B.L.T.  (short for Bouncing Leg Things)
  3. RoboLegs
  4. The Centaur
  5. Cheetah Legs (or Arms - specify in your vote, please)
This is going to be the final tally. So if your name was not included on the list, my apologies. Please, cast your vote either on here, or my facebook page using one of the five options listed above. Remember the person who came up with the name that won will receive a free, signed copy of Double Take! As a quick recap, the actual springs will be based off of Powerisers , and have already shown to work right out of the box. Unfortunately, Poweriser is holding up my order of two more sets of the "Youth" model, so it looks like ambitions for a pre-May prototype might have to be scaled back a bit. However, things are moving over at Open Prosthetics, and even my old prostheticist (the guy who built my original legs and butt shoe) is jumping into the mix.
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  • P. Bradley Robb

    Cheetah legs has grown on me, but I think they're too close to the special carbon below-the-knee legs that runners use.

    Might need to rumble.

  • Sarah S

    I vote Connolegs. Make your mark, Kev!

  • Doris Dinsmore


  • Stuart Baker

    Connolegs for sure

  • Steven R Williams


  • Tracy


  • CaperWheelLady

    I vote for Connolegs. Good luck to everyone!

  • Budgetgravy

    I vote longboard.