A Little Treat

If you've ever wondered what it's like to skateboard through a city from my point-of-view, here ya go...

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  • http://aberrantphoto.com Anthony

    Hey Kevin,

    Looks like fun! I found your website through a link from NPR and was drawn to this video as I'm a skateboarder myself. One question though, when you get going fast, how do you stop quickly? Do you drag your hands? I noticed you weren't wearing gloves so I can only imagine your hands get pretty tore up. Thanks for recording that, It was interesting to watch!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=43801203 Kevin Connolly

    Hi Anthony –

    Usually I use gloves, the only reason for my bare hands in that video was because of how slippery the tiles were. That said, I will either a.) ride the board into gravel/grass, b.) powerslide, or c.) drag my gloves. Cheers!

  • Jo Hollingsworth

    Freakin' brilliant!

  • Emj


  • Roz

    Hey Kevin, Just finished reading Double Take. I loved it. I admire your courage, strength & fortitude. I could use some of that when I walk down the street with my daughter who is mentally retarded & gets stared at ALOT. Like you say, natural curiosity, and trying to make some sense out of what they see. Still, it's disconcerting, and not changing as long as people are human. Best wishes to you. Safe journeys. Roz

  • John Parker

    That looks like fun! Gopro HD?

  • konstantin

    Hi Kevin, seems that the video isnt working overseas, or at least not in germany. D'you mind taking a look at that?
    Cheers. Kons.
    *the german guy from istanbul

  • Gretchen0204

    That was amazing. You are so lucky to have been able to travel to all these amazing places. By the way… my son starts Kean College in August. Required reading there too. I enjoyed the book. You are a lucky man to have such a great family! Thanks for sharing.

  • LaHager

    and from that angle you get to look up quite a few skirts too! should you so wish to do so… 🙂

  • Budgetgravy

    Dubrovnik looks like a cool place 🙂 and skate/longboarding is real dandy.

  • Vinaynag

    Great book ! Loved reading it. You are lucky to have such wonderful parents. And this video rocks.