My Feeble Excuse

So I feel that a bit of an apology is owed with how lax I've been in regards to the whole blogging/tweeting/facebooking of late; especially during the release of the paperback. However, I do have a small excuse. I'm building the proposal for my next project, and so I hit the road with my younger sister Meagan for a bit of a tour through Turkey and the Balkans. Some good stories are on the way, though! Seducing stray dogs, getting assaulted in a Turkish bath, and getting heavily pet by a couple of gypsies! Right now I'm having to deal with community computers and very limited access, so I'll just leave a few photos to wet the pallette. Back soon!
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  • Pete

    How about some captions on the photos please? Where were they taken? Aya Sofia?
    Nice pix tho. Keep'em coming!

  • Leah Petersen

    Ohhh, so cool, thanks for posting. Turkey is one of my all time favorite locations.

  • Marilyn

    Is that your sister in the last photo? I missed where to post comments re: the skateboard video — was it Croatia? No I'm probably wrong. But I loved being taken on that ride with you. So fun. I'm not even a fan of beer, but I was left wishing to share that part of the adventure with you, too!

  • Alex

    did you go to Bulgaria? The one with the boat and water lilies seems somewhat familiar… but then again lakes tend to look very much like one another.


  • Travelinrt333

    omg!! and I never say that, but I am so amazed by the footage I've seen!! amazing photog and the places you've been are fantastic!! thank you thank you!!!!

  • Budgetgravy

    That fat guy is super disproportionate. but sweet pictures anyway 🙂