I Done Got on the BBC!

So last week I was interviewed by the BBC for a ten minute program called "Outlook". The show just popped up online, and I gotta say, it's a fairly funny interview to listen to if you have the time. If you've ever wanted to know about my dating life and how staring can be compared to sex, look no further. Sorry for the link, but I was told that the BBC has "lots of really tough rules about copyright of audio". You can also check an abbreviated audio slideshow here. Finally, because I'm still holding a bit of a grudge for not being able to embed the interview directly on my blog, here is something that I can embed - a compilation of BBC bloopers from the past ten years. English accents always sound more entertaining when there is just a tinge of discomfort and embarrassment to them...

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  • Budgetgravy

    Its sweet you got on the BBC dude.