Kevin Michael Connolly: THE VIDEO GAME

Believe it. It's true.

A bit on how to play the game:
It is a 2D platformer, inspired in part by Super Metroid, where you must explore a large world, collect powerups and find secrets. The game's hook comes from the fact that the main character, Jack (READ: Kevin), has no legs. As such, you cannot walk, run, jump or do most things you would want to do in a typical platformer. Instead, the game is entirely controlled with the mouse: you move around by grabbing and dragging yourself forward. As you explore the world, you gain new abilities that give you new moves, such as the ability to launch yourself into the air or to pick up and throw boulders. Everything in the game can be done with the mouse. If you are worried about wearing out your left mouse button, Z, X and spacebar all perform the same function as the left mouse button. Pressing R while in-game will reload your last saved game. Pressing S will mute/un-mute sounds and music. Pressing M will open the map, assuming you have a map.
I'm really feeling speechless on this one. I'll leave it to you to comment... If you'd like a full-screen version of the game - go here. If you'd like to learn more about the developers or the game itself, head over here. Otherwise, hit the jump to play the game right here...

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  • Kelly M-B

    That's so cool, Kevin!

  • Kasie Setzer

    I really had an underlying thought about the game itself. I think that all individuals that struggle either with mental or physical illness and or impairment feel trapped. At times there is no escape. Some that are born with their difference will, over time, develop a sense of self based upon that difference while others are born able-bodied, so to say, only to have an uncontrolled circumstance land them in an situation where they now have a difference. With that being said the game really made me think about myself and what I would do in the situation. You reacted with the same courage that I would hope that I would have but to be honest, I just don't know if I could have done it. Which then led me to my other thought, what if it were the other way around for me? What if I had been born with a difference and not able-bodied from the jump? Would I have been the same and felt the same about life? It's a tough question. Thanks for making me think and reflect.

  • Budgetgravy

    stop over anallizing things.

  • Matt1pow

    i never thought that being a legless person would be so hard to do

  • Elisha Yonker

    i am a total gamer geek, and i love your book. this game is awesome. it is fun and challenging!