One Book – One Bozeman Longboard Design Contest

Between all of this fancy convocation stuff, I almost forgot to mention one of the most exciting events coming up this month in Bozeman! When I began working with Paula Beswick and Carmen McSpadden over OBOB events, one of the suggestions that came up was creating an longboard deck design contest. Well the time has come for a call for entries! We have a local longboard manufacturer, Grizzly Longboards, helping to sponsor the event alongside SCS Wraps, and Speedy Prints - both local businesses. Here's the skinny -
Thanks for your interest in One Book – One Bozeman’s first-ever Art Contest! This contest is open to students in middle school through college. The first step is to read the One Book – One Bozeman/MSU Summer Reading selection “Double Take: A Memoir” by MSU grad, Kevin Michael Connolly. Next, get creative with your own longboard deck design. Go to to find the list of locations to pick one up. Four lucky winners will get a FREE Grizzly Longboard Deck with his or her original artwork!
If you would like to print out a copy of the guidelines yourself (as well as coupon for Grizzly Longboards) - here's a download link: OBOB art contest form. Otherwise, hit the jump for the full list of guidelines as well as download link to the longboard template.
Contest Rules: 1.) Fill out the requested information and cut off coupon with the form (the discount coupon will be honored only if you submit the form and artwork). Be sure to choose a theme from the two options below. There will be a winner in each category, only one submission please. 2.) Pick up the Grizzly Longboard template (will be scaled to full-size for transferring to longboard deck) – go to to see the list of designated locations to pick up a template. You can also print off a pdf copy yourself right here. 3.) You will have until Friday, September 24, 5pm to submit your design to the Bozeman Public Library with the form below TAPED ON THE BACK OF TEMPLATE. Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 30 at the Awards Ceremony and Art Reception with Kevin Connolly at the Bozeman Public Library. There will also be a Viewer’s Choice award and honor prizes. *Art work designs are at your discretion – black and white or full-color – but be bold! *If you have questions, please email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Here are some of the locations to find templates for Longboard Deck Art Contest: Bozeman Public Library Bozeman High School Sacajawea Middle School Chief Joseph Middle School MSU Catapalooza (August 25, 26, 27) at the Bozeman Public Library table Various locations on campus and in Art Department Starky’s Authentic Americana September 8, MSU Bookstore at book signing by Kevin Connolly, 11:45-1:15 September 8, Convocation, Brickbreeden Fieldhouse, book signing ~ 8:40pm Email for the growing list of locations: [email protected], [email protected]
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  • Gabe bahr

    Nice book. I can't wait to see the longboard designs.