HUGE Article in Outside Magazine

Today, I'm a very happy panda. Ever since I took my first few turns on a ski hill, I dreamed of getting into Outside Magazine. While I've been incredibly happy and grateful for all of the press that has been sent my way in the past few years, Outside was always my own sort of "holy grail" for publicity. I would've been happy with a little blurb in a page margin - so to be the feature of a 2800 profile has thrown me onto my proverbial heels a bit. I'd love to post the whole article online, but I'm sure that'd get me in hot water with the Outside powers-that-be. However, if you're keen to pick up a physical copy - here's the cover that you'll be looking for (it's the November issue) - A few high points: 1.) I get a nickname that I truly hope sticks (The Cyborg) 2.) The title for the next photo project is revealed (Low Lifes) 3.) The article discusses the Cheetah Legs - excuse me, Connollegs - at length. 4.) I get quoted as saying (for better or worse): "Now's a pretty rad time not to have legs."
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  • Ed Doctor

    Kevin … keep us posted on the “Connollegs”. Sounds like a fantastic concept. Congrats on the great article in Outside Mag. It was a very good read.

    All the best,


  • Brightride Kinetics

    Super stoked for you Kevin! I have been following your blog since I met and worked on you at X Games after you won your medal, and I am glad more people are going to be able to hear your story and see how you live your life….. Very inspiring!!

    Best regards-


  • Lynnanne Bauer


  • Diana

    hey thanks for sharing your latest and greatest magazine article with me last night! 😉

  • Mtmelvins

    Can't wait to see the Magazine. What a great goal to achive!

    Ann & Mike

  • Suzie & Bert Dow

    I bought a few copies! Very proud to know you. Hope to see you this weekend, if not–our very best to you.

  • Paula

    Cool…….so cool.

  • Alana

    I regularly get Outside and just read the article about you (I'd never heard of you before). That prompted me to go to my computer and check out your photos. Wow. Next I plan to head out to buy a copy of your book. Thanks for being such an amazing role model. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life and travels. Love your great sense of humor too.
    A fan in Canada

  • Kevin

    Thanks, Alana! Hope you enjoy the book! If you are by some chance, massively disappointed in my writing, you know where to find me…

  • B

    Just read the article in Outside and then Googled you. To quote the article, “You da man!”

  • Beth Wilkinson

    Hey Kevin!

    I was just in the doctor's office and picked up this issue of Outside by happenstance, and I flipped right to your story. It was awesome! When I got back to the office, I went to Outside's website so I could link to your article, but got nothing. Looks like it's only available in print?

    I work closely with several disability advocacy groups here in Phoenix, and one of them is mid-construction on a sports and fitness center that's 100 percent accessible. On the Facebook page for the center, we like to feature athletes that happen to have disabilities, and I'd say your accomplishments are worth noting (to say the least) and definitely enviable for people both with and without disabilities.

    Any chance you have editorial pull in what gets published online? :o)

    Way to go, man!

  • Diana Sun

    The Outside article is terrific… it led me to your book, which I devoured all in one day — couldn't put it down! The book led me to your website, which led me to your blog. I feel like a Cyborg-groupie! Hope to see you on the slopes one of these days. You da Cyborg!

  • KevinConnolly

    Hi Beth! Thanks for the message and compliments! Sorry, but unfortunately I don't have any pull with Outside in terms of publishing their bigger stories online. I'd be happy to do a comment on your facebook page. Awesome to hear about the fitness center! I'd love to check it out someday!


  • KevinConnolly

    Thank you, dearest sister to the North!

  • KevinConnolly

    Hey Britton! Cool talking to you today! Already checked out the site and I'm stoked to see you again at X!

  • Joan Manriquez

    It was a totally amazing article and I think you are wonderful.

  • Ckschleg

    Kevin, er Cyborg, great article. Led me to “Google Stalk” you where I discovered an NPR piece about your Rolling Exhibition. Great stuff. You are one impressive young man. Keep on rockin'