Dear Yahoo! Answers – Mind Summarizing Double Take for Me?

Last night I received Google Alert from Yahoo! Answers, notifying me that someone had a question about my book. After hitting the link, this is what I saw:
Can someone summarize what the book "Double Take" by Kevin Connolly is about?
I have to admit that I was a little sad realizing that someone didn't want to be bothered with reading my book. This is the first time I've seen disinterest or laziness in response to my work, and while it's more than a little narcissistic to feel any sort of reaction to such a simple request, I found myself staring at the question for a good five minutes. He wanted to summarize me, basically - which felt almost like a bad version of literary speed-dating. Right below his question was an answer that gave me heart, though:
Some guy who hated doing his homework so he paid people to do so
Now, while I wasn't totally certain who the comment was directed at, it made me realize that this was quite likely a student having to read my book for homework. With Double Take being a common reader for incoming Freshman at Montana State University, University of Wisconsin, and Colorado Mountain College, I could see that maybe there was some student sweating bullets about an exam he or she had to take regarding Double Take. So - feeling that I was the best qualified to summarize myself, I gave it a shot. The first half of the post is reasonably accurate, but toward the end of my of summary, I began feeling a bit bored. Not just of the summary itself, but also of what I had accomplished within my own memoir! So, I decided to add a little spice.
The final third of the book takes place back in my home of Montana during a long hiking trip. During my hike, I reflect on my adventures over the past summer while keeping an eye out for hungry wildlife. The final tragic chapter takes place on Sailor Lake, where I am attacked by a mountain lion. Surviving the initial encounter, I nevertheless died a tragic death of attrition on the long hike back to my vehicle in search of medical aid. A sad way to end the book, but nevertheless, I'm currently working on a second one. Kinda tough to create a new narrative if you've already been killed by a mountain lion, but nevertheless, I am prepared to try!
Maybe it was my middle-of-the-night delirium that led me to rework the entire ending, but I think this makes the book feel much more epic. I also truly hope that somewhere in America, there is a student convinced or confused about my state of mortality. Here's the link to the Yahoo! Answers page if you have any better endings to suggest.
Can Someone Summarize Double Take?
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  • Ivor Wood

    Spot on , Kevin

    Do NOT be disappointed .. your book is great .. inspiring and an inspiration in iself (if that is not tautologous) 🙂

  • meaghan nguyen

    i haven't read your book yet.but i'll.i live in Viet Nam,i hope there will be a printed of your book in my country.i'm looking for it.

  • meaghan nguyen

    u know i admire u.i read about u on my country's newspaper.u're awesome.

  • amishakayyy93

    is there a difference between “double take” and “double take a memoir”.? i want to make sure im reading the correct book {great book by the way}

  • Emily

    hahaha nice ending! maybe in the second book you could survive a grizz attack!