Interview in Huffington Post about Next Project

Just saw this go up the other day and thought I should share. While I was down in Colorado speaking to students at Colorado Mountain College, I was interviewed by a local journalist, David Frey. Super nice guy, and savvy enough with his questions to get me to eek out more than I should've about the next project. Low and behold - it made it's way to The Huffington Post! I've quoted a little bit for the interview below, but for the full article click right here.
Can you talk a little about this next project? I'm basically going around the world and trying to find other people who have made really interesting adaptations outside of the kind of Western medical infrastructure a lot of us deal with. Especially from the experience I have had traveling abroad, you really get the sense that this is more prevalent in developing countries than it is in Western ones. The need is also greater, because there's less funding, there's less governmental infrastructure, there's less access to medical infrastructure. So that is going to be the next project. In many ways it's the inverse of the Rolling Exhibition: focusing on people who get stared at, maybe because of their interesting adaptations. We have locations like India, Congo, Haiti, Russia, Brazil. But this is not just an exhibit. This is a book project. I'm pitching a book, but it's also going to be delivered through a photo series. So you have portraits of the people who created these interesting adaptations interspersed between each chapter that would otherwise be a massive travelogue. I'm trying to keep the photo project moving simultaneously as well as write about it as well as chronicle other people's inventions. It's a bit daunting. So how did your new cheetah legs come about? Trying to profile people in developing countries, I realized I had to have something that could take me off the sidewalk, right? The skateboard, despite all its practicality, is limited to the ground rolling beneath it. I found that I needed something that is going to allow me to ambulate without having to deal with pavement. If people stare at you on a skateboard, they must really stare at you on cheetah legs. Yeah, if I'm in Saudi Arabia or Haiti, I think I'll get a few stares on this next project.

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  • megmel

    i honestly can't wait!

  • Lillie

    I heard you speak at Bozeman High School in the fall. I loved your whole presentation, and so did everyone I talked to! The Rolling Exhibition is such a creative and interesting project. I am really excited to see what new things you do next!