New Interview Up on Pixiq

Hey there! Hope the holidays treated everyone amicably, and everyone still has enough juice left to make to the new year. I’ve been at home enjoying the snow and trying to get prepped for the X Games next month (more on that soon). In the meantime, Pixiq, a really cool photo site has posted an interview about my photo project, The Rolling Exhibition. The difference between this and the others is that they actually let me geek out and explain how the series was technically pulled off.

Most of the images were captured at ISO 320. “If I was shooting in an open area and there wasn’t too much contrast in light, I would usually trust the program mode. If I was shooting between buildings, at night, or in any situation with contrasty light—I’d go manual, though I’d never go wider than f/8, if I could avoid it,” Kevin explains.

If the above paragraph makes sense, you might dig the full article – which can be found right here.

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