Questions for A.C.E. Language Institute Students

Howdy everyone - As promised, here are the questions I wanted to ask of your class, but ran out of time. If you would like to answer these, great. But as I stated in class, the last thing I want to do shovel homework on you during finals week. I'll leave it up to your teachers to decide if this should be mandatory or not. It was great meeting everyone, though, and hopefully I'll we'll see each other again sometime!
1.) How would your country respond socially to someone with a physical disability? Is there stigma associated? 2.) Is there a common assumption, or story, that is commonly associated with physical disability in your country? (i.e. "was it a shark attack?" "do you still wear your dog tags from Iraq?") If so, what is it? 3.) Are adaptive sports and technology (i.e. monoskiing, wheelchair rugby, etc) well known in your country? 4.) How do you think “the Dirtbags” in chapter 6 helped to shape Kevin’s view of disability? Can you think of anyone similar in your life? 5.) Finally, since it's sometimes easier to post questions in writing, is there anything that you wish you could have asked me in class?

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