X Games

Uh oh.

I'm currently sitting inside the Athlete Lounge tent where the atmosphere is akin to a circus tent if it was filled by beautiful people in brightly colored clothing. Actually - that is a circus - the only difference maybe being the amount of Gore-Tex contained in each outfit. So after breaking my back last year (T-10 Compression fracture that left me off snow for the majority of the season), I was really hesitating if I should give this another shot. And while I doubt the move is fully approved by my parents, I've decided to give the Mono X another go. One major advantage I have this year is that I'm automatically qualified for the semi-finals as a result of my bronze medal last year. So while I'm still pretty nervous, at least I know I can avoid most of the nasty abuse leading up to the event. ESPN came up to Montana to film a feature on me last week, so it should be airing sometime prior to my competition, which will on Sunday, January 30th, on ESPN. The semi-final will take place from 3pm to 3.15 pm and the finals will be from 3.45pm-4pm. Oh! And here's an article ESPN put out last month about the event. Fleshes out the competition and event a bit better. Kevin Connolly: Back for More Medals I'll be tweeting during the week, so if you have any questions or well-wishes, hit me up at KevinConnolly on twitter.
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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZC4TWJKDCR5STEC7MZRI36ECMQ Glenna

    Hi Kevin, Was really great to have dinner with you and the one man band in GreatFalls a few months ago. My daughter Steph (caregiver) and I truly enjoyed our time with you. We wish you all the best at the X Games. Hope to see you again one of these days. Glenna (also on Facebook)

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  • Paula

    What a bad-ass! Good luck — I'll be watching. Touch base next week?

  • Ccat50

    Good luck! We're looking forward to watching you!

  • Jmosher

    Congratulations, Kevin, on your stellar performance Sunday. Your fans from Colorado Mountain College send you our cheers. We're still talking about your visit to Breckenridge in November, and we all wish you the best. Joyce Mosher and Summit County friends of yours.

  • Kasey

    I really love that you are so committed to your X-games that not even the risk of your back can stop you from going for the gold! Thanks for being an inspiration to me, when my life feels low I just have to stop and count my blessings. Thanks!!!!